Cheesy Hash Browns

Preparation time
5 mins
Cooking time
6 mins
2 people
Total Cost
£ 1.20
Cost Per Person
£ 0.60
Meal course
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1 large
1 pinch
30 grams
1 large
White Onion
2 medium
Cheesy Hash Browns

A very quick and easy snack or to go with your Full English Breakfast, with just a few ingredients you can be enjoying these delightful Hash Browns!

  1. Whisk an egg in your mixing bowl
  2. Add Salt, Pepper, Grated Potato, Grated Onion, Grated Cheese & Chives (I recommend putting your Grated Potato & Onion in a tea towel and twisting them you get rid of all the moisture)
  3. Mix everything together, and make some has browns (any shape or size you want - this may effect cooking time) I made them into 2cm thick.
  4. Heat a pan with some oil then cooking your Hash Browns for 2-3 minutes each side or until golden brown

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